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So try telling me THIS picture is "cute". I won't believe you.

There's this thing about my neutral expression - it looks miserable. Unless I'm actually amused by something I tend to look extremely pissed off. And that leads people to tell me to cheer up or offer the "it might never happen" type platitudes. And you know what? That REALLY pisses me off.
Tags: annoying

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    Mon, 11:40: Feeling crappy but convalescent rest with a puppy is apparently not a thing.

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    Wed, 08:58: After an emotionally and physically draining trip to my mum's I am good for very little right now. Puppy demanding to get up before…

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    Wed, 14:13: RT @ madebymarian: Can anyone recommend any disability rights lawyers? A particular focus on discrimination at work would be great.…

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