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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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Eurgh details
spikey eye bw
So I was at the Ton last night and Mark says to me "You're drinking water? You have to bear in mind you'll be drinking with Nic this time next week, you should probably get in practise."

Now logic says that I complied and that's why I woke up feeling cruddy, right? Well, it's not true. I actually had three drinks of Smirnoff Ice and two drinks of water. I mean, what kind of wimp am I?!

But maybe it wasn't a hangover. It could just be lack of sleep. I mean, 4.5 hours is a little on the low side, isn't it? I think _jamez_ (note to self, read up on how to link other people properly) must be doing all my sleeping for me. I'm certainly not keeping up with it.

I should probably get an early night tonight since I'm out tomorrow (Picocon). It also turns out that I won't be flying alone when I go to Corflu next week as Mark and Claire are on the same flight. Very handy - especially since it means we can share a taxi at the other end and forego the arranging of the shuttle bus trip that would have otherwise been the cheaper alternative.

So, I should sleep tonight, get social Saturday, do the washing and some packing on Sunday, then back to work on Monday. And also an eye test. I should probably try not to be tired as my vision seems to suffer when my eyes are dry from lack of sleep.

Nothing in particular planned for the evenings, then Thursday I get to introduce jetlag into the equasion. Yay, or not, as the case may be.

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Nic is a drunked lout. Don't try to keep up with him. He was on his third can of cheap American beer--love in a canoe, and all that--before noon one day at the last Corflu. And behaving like a stereotype of drunken idiot--making passes at everyone in sight, and excusing it by saying he was/had been drunk.

Heh, it's all right, I know Nic. We go back some years and we get on well. I have NO intention of trying to keep up with his convention drinking.

But I did think I could manage more than the equivalent of 1.5 pints over the course of an entire evening without it wiping me out the next day...


Isn't Smifnoff Ice 1.5 units, a bottle, so that makes 4.5 units for the night, meaning that you had the equivalent of over 2 pints. Technically not much of an improvement, I know, but these small details matter.

Oh, I always figure the alcopops to be the same as a shot which is the same as a half pint. Guess not.

But it's okay, I drank more than that yesterday and got up today feeling fine, so it was probably the lack of sleep thing that did me in.

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