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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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spikey eye bw
The sun came out today in Fleet. After about a week or two of seemingly solid rain. It was dry in London a lot of the time, but every morning and every evening Fleet has been wet and dreary. Sometimes the rain would stop, but not long enough for the ground to dry.

Today I saw the sky again at last. I could even appreciate the view of the train station, one of my least favourite places, with the sun down low early in the morning across the pond.

With the brightness and dry ground came cold. But I didn't mind that - it makes walking a lot more pleasant when you can walk at a decent speed and not wind up all sweaty and uncomfortable.

I bet it rains again tomorrow.

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I think sea should do a sun dance.

Following the ancient coreography of voodoo elders, she should dance about naked in the middle of Fleet Street hailing weird melodic chants whilst banging a medium sized drum.

Should work, try it!

But the sun comes out in London. It's Fleet that rarely gets it. Since this message it's been raining far more than sunny again.

Well thats what happens when you build on top of a river isn't it!

Silly people building on the River Fleet.

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