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  • Wed, 14:11: One of the best things Covid19 has brought us is the ability to attend conferences from home by default. Today I'm "at" #axecon - I hope this will continue as things open up in the wake of vaccines bring back more normality.
  • Wed, 16:43: “Care about accessibility before legal shows up” - Dave Rupert #axecon
  • Wed, 17:40: Lots of people know that Braille was developed to help blind people, but how many know that it was developed by a blind person? - Haben Girma, #axecon
  • Wed, 17:58: "All of us are interdependent, we do not grow our own coffee beans. Wanting to eat is not a special need." Haben Girma on trying to order food in a cafeteria where she couldn't access the menu. #axecon
  • Wed, 18:30: Couldn't make dinner because I'm watching an online conference. @eviljonny just brought me a full roast dinner he made!
  • Wed, 18:46: "If you build your site and THEN someone says 'now we have to make it accessible' that's terrible" - Rachel Andrew #axecon
  • Wed, 22:23: Really enjoyed the #axecon session "Agile Accessibility Requirements at Scale" - partly validated the approach we take, partly gave attention to where we could expand on it.
  • Wed, 22:44: "when a service is truly accessible, it is accessible at every point in the process" - Deirdre Hirschtritt #axecon
  • Thu, 00:45: Tip from Najee Bartley - when using tables to do layout in email (because in email you're kinda forced to) add "role=presentation" to the table tags to give screenreader users a better experience. #axecon
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