Another week down

Week after week looks largely the same right now and this one has gone by very very quickly. I think I may have been ill as I was getting huge sugar cravings, felt very tired, had a mildly sore throat and my heart rate was up a bit. 

That said, there have been interesting things to note. I've had a sort-of promotion at work and become tech lead for our team. This is not a change of role, just a thing done within the team that looks good on annual reviews and helps make the case for taking roles at a higher level. But it's meant a lot more co-ordinating and leadership sort of work than just the day to day. I've taken over as the person doing it before is tied up too much with homeschooling and has reduced his hours. I'm thankful that I work at a place where this sort of thing is acceptable. 

I've started a new game this evening with some people online, it's Call of Cthulhu inspired and I'm enjoying it a lot more than the attempts to play D&D online recently. 

I've learned to make sourdough bread with guidance and tutorials from a colleague. 

I finally got out on my bike for the first time in months — the reasonable weather or forecasts of such have not been coinciding with time I had available. Hopefully the increasing light in the daytime will let this become an after work activity sometime soon, or the weather will be kinder at weekends.

I've not been turning up to online meetings that are primarily social much of late. After a day of peopling via video I don't really want to do it at night. I'm bad at socialising with big groups, I am much better at listening and occasionally interjecting than at keeping a conversation flowing, and when I'm tired I'm just not up for either. 

There was probably more. I'm bad at keeping a diary.


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