Toy camera and vaccines

I bought a cheap silly camera the other day. It's very firmly aimed at kids, but it's a marvelous little device that, once you get the hang of the controls, prints pictures instantly to till roll. The quality is low, they're only black and white, but they're such fun. The picture is also stored on a micro SD so you can make better prints later. I think this is going to be a great toy to take out and about when we're allowed to see people again.

On that note, I read last night that WHO are admonishing the richer countries for prioritising their own people ahead of poor countries in plans for vaccine use. I struggled for a while with my own reaction of "But I want it soon, I want everyone local to me to have it so this can all be over. Am I bad person for wanting that?" And probably I am, because the sensible thing is to give it to everyone who it's likely to affect worst. 

I'm tired of lockdown. I went to home working a week before the first lockdown. Since then we socially distanced a visit with some friends once in the autumn and we've seen nobody else we know in the flesh. There's been plenty of online activity and we're luckier than many in that we have each other and a big house with gym equipment and VR in it. We have it pretty good, but I am so over not having things to look forward to doing in person. I'm an introvert that gets tired out by a weekend full of people, but no weekends with any people for months on end is getting tough. I'm nearly 50, so just shy of one cut off criteria for being vaccinated, and my BMI is down 2.1 points to 36.9 so I never made the obese-enough-to-count level either. But I'm not far from either of those things and when I get sick with a cold or flu it often hits me hard, so this bloody virus worries me. Especially when the locals disregard the rules blatantly. 

So yeah, I'm being a bit selfish, but not without cause.

One day this will all be over. So they say.


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