Max (hawkida) wrote,

Odds and ends

I have just been playing Beat Saber. It's a lot of fun. I only did a short session as it's my first attempt and I want to see what effect it has on my arm. My arm is a sad arm. I think I may have tennis elbow. Whatever I have, I got it pulling heavy luggage around at the end of my honeymoon in December. I was going to go to the doctor but it is getting better so there seems to be no point. It's getting better very slowly though. It manifests as a sore elbow, hurting most if I try to lift anything heavy or grip anything wide. At rest it's fine, but if it's in the same position for a while it's a bit sore to move initially.

This was one of two bad effects of holidaying and Christmassing, the other of which is my weight which is very high, and had hit higher than ever. I am slowly reeling it back in from the after effects of a year of bad eating and restricted exercise culminating in VERY good food and far too much of it for the best part of a month in December. I had planned to do Red January and do exercise every single day of the month, but then I got a horrid chest infection and it's only just really relenting.

Meanwhile, beyond "I'm so fat my clothes don't fit", I'm going to meet a friend in March who I haven't really kept up with for nearly a decade after a falling out. I don't often fall out with people so I'm glad that he reached out and we're planning to build bridges.

The other thing I'm looking at getting involved in is volunteering to try to make a difference to a looked after child. I'm past the first hurdle and getting some training over the next couple of weekends. More info here:

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