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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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Livejournal use
spikey eye bw
I don't read LJ every day any more. There's not enough content to justify it.

I'm entirely useless at updating. I've started taking a snapshot or two every day to at least remind me of what the hell I was doing on any given day. But they go up on Google+ because that's the easiest dispatch method. I'd had a vague idea of annotating them but who has the time?

The LJ "community" is all but gone. The new homepage changes show that LJ care nothing for me, they are courting gossip-loving celebrity obsessed people who want to be popular among their peers.

I haven't been to a convention since last year's Eastercon, which I didn't enjoy. I'm signed up for Nine Worlds and Worldcon but not sure how much I'm going to get out of them. Somehow I'm not part of that world any more, and it wasn't entirely intentional.

On Tuesday I went to a talk by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter, expecting to see numerous familiar faces among the audience. I recognised the guys who produce The Museum of Curiosity, and Mitch Benn was pointed out at the end. There was a face I thought might be familiar but I couldn't attach a name to it.

How things change.

If you're on my friends list, though, I am reading your stuff. I sometimes even comment. But engagement with LJ is definitely diminishing.

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I've got a Worldcon membership for 2014, but today found myself questioning whether it was a good plan. The last few conventions I've been to have been mixed bags and I'm not certain I really enjoyed them. Going to Worldcon puts limits on what units I can take for my degree next year and it might not be the best way to get quality time with my friends. So I dunno.

I'm getting worse at updating, mostly for time reasons. I think you're right though, the communities have mostly moved to other places. I still want to keep updating though, because when I get my arse in gear it actually covers a lot more ground than what I say on FB, and it's nice to be able to occasionally put my thoughts in order.

Yep, this. Also useful for retrospectively going back and reminding me of things like, oh, when I moved office and STUFF.

LJ is one of the few places I still feel comfortable. FB's to frenetic, Twitter's useless. Love Usenet but that's dwindled even more than LJ. No one posts to my own discussion forum on my website and only a relative few comment on my posts there. Baen's Bar is a small community and my own group has only small traffic.

I don't know of an online community that actually is any better than LJ, currently.

I've found that Dreamwidth is comparatively current for me, due to a small but determined group of people who post regularly. Many of them cross post to LJ.

Some folks remain dedicated to Twitter, but I have trouble satisfactorily reconciling the public nature of much of it and how much public stuff there is taht I want to read. Some of the frequent users tweet only privately, but that's not for me.

Facebook would work if only they showed us all of the posts consistently, the way LJ and DW do. I'd even pay for that service!

*waves* I know just what you mean and totally validate your opinions. The question is: is it still better than nothing? Easily sufficiently so to me, though, yes, far less so than once it was. Even nostalgia ain't what it used to be.

Nine Worlds looks really good. The breadth of the subject matter should help you find stuff to have a fun time, even if it's a different sort of fun time to the ones you might have had at cons you've been to in the past. I knew the guy who's co-running the LARPs at university (and might have met his wife who's co-running them, though I don't remember her) and think they have an excellent chance of being spectacular in their way. The social gaming probably has a lot in common with Hide and Seek things, as well.

Courage, persistence, good luck and lots of laughs to you!

If you do make it to Worldcon this year, I'd be pleasted to meet you for a drink or two. Otherwise, Loncon?

Ah, not THIS Worldcon, don't have the money to throw at going abroad for a convention I probably won't get a whole lot out of. But when it's on my doorstep it seemed silly not to. At the time.

I like LJ but know I'm part of the problem. My new job keeps me on email and internet so much, that writing is less attractive. It also means I;m too far out of London to travel: I didn't even register there *was* a BSFA last night.

What they said really. I don't find much fannish community on LJ but I still lik occasionall having somewhere to write at somewhat greater length than FB evn if it mainly travel nd film reports - I lik to have a record of these tho even th travel reps are slipping..

I also blame iPads. I suspect an awful lot of us have these on our laps and I really find the predictive text dreadful (maybe should just turn itI off!)

Edited at 2013-06-27 09:07 pm (UTC)

When I overhauled my website, I moved my primary blog there, and just mirror it out to LJ. I figure people will comment wherever, but the audience has fragmented so much to facebook/twitter/tumblr/wherever that there's really nothing else that makes sense.

I'm struggling to keep up with LJ, but that's because Grouting wants to press keys if she sees the laptop - so I generally can only get it out late at night which severely limits my onlinedness.

But it's still my preferred way of keeping in touch with the people still using it. So I'm glad you post.

I'm sad that a number of people have migrated from LJ to Facebook or Google+, but I'm not really feeling inspired to follow. I really hate the Google+ interface, and have Just Said No to Facebook and its privacy issues.

So I'm still here, at least for the nonce.

I read LJ, but rarely post. Since getting a smart phone that lets me read LJ, I comment less as well because of the pain of writing a comment without a proper keyboard and screen. But I do read all my friends' posts and follow a few interesting communities, and would very much miss it if it went.

I use FB a lot more, but that's mainly because it's where I post my photos-of-the-days, and because its ephemeral feeling means I don't mind posting ephemeral fluff there. Somewhere in my head is the idea that a post to LJ must have Proper Substance, so I default to rarely writing any. I compose a lot in my head, but they practically never make it as far as a keyboard.

I haven't been to a convention for a few years now.

I'm typing less at present because of elbow pain, but I still have many of my old friends here on LJ (and DW) and a couple of new ones.

I gave up thinking I had anything interesting to say on LJ on a regular basis.

Of course, it's debatable if what I have to say on an irregular basis merits my labelling it "interesting" anyway.

Still, LJ is useful for musings about "events", few and far between as they are. And I still check in most days, just in case.

Good to see you here, nonetheless.

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