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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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My job, described using the most common words
spikey eye bw
I work with lots of other people to make computers show writing and pictures about fun or interesting stuff you can listen to or watch. We want it to look beautiful and be easy to use when you want to find something out. Some people draw pictures of how it should look on the computer and it is my job to make it look exactly like that even for the people who don't have the best computers. It isn't very easy because some computers don't work nearly as well as we would like them to. Groups of us often get together in a room where we talk about the work we are doing and we decide what is the most important bit of work to do next. The people who have the last word on it all listen when the rest of us give them good ideas and they often check in with us to see how it is going. Every so often we get together with even more people and show off the work we have done. Sometimes we answer questions they ask and they give us more ideas about making our work better.


Want to give it a go? Go over here:

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Your job sounds interesting. I once tried to describe my job in French, and realised how limited my vocabulary is when I accidentally said that I was looking at truffle infection in humans. Hm.

Then I implied that I was cloning humans.

I should have a go at writing the description in simple English and see how badly I can stuff it up there.

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