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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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spikey eye bw
I'm off to a cottage by a Welsh beach for a week. There will be no internet. What should I pack for entertainment?

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Flux or any other small card game.

Do you have a book reader or mp3 player?

I would still take a laptop with DVD's or other stuff because you never know.

(Deleted comment)
No mobile signal to speak of.

An RPG or complicated board game. Books, obviously. A small pair of binoculars for looking at birdlife. Stout walking shoes. A wetsuit, if you have one. An extra duvet if it will be cold at night and it's unheated. Tasty things to cook, plus utensils. Wine or other beverage. Decent tea and/or coffee, if you drink those.

Well, the first thing I'd pack would be my iPad, which takes care of the book situation as long as there's power. (And a couple of paper-type books just in case.) And if I were with people who played games, I'd take Zar and Corsari and a couple of decks of regular cards.

Oh, and my guitar.

But I don't know what your tastes run to.

So you don't have a massive to-be-read pile of books?

Kindle preloaded with a pile of things you might fancy including classics. Paper books too.

I always take knitting/sewing/some similar fiber arts if I'm going to the land of no Internet.

A book of varied Japanese puzzles or similar (you can download sets of puzzles from Logic Masters India) and some pencils. And sharpeners. And rubbers.

Actually these last two are what if I'm going to the Land of No Internet or Electricity. Given the latter I might take one of those lovely juicy enormous games that Steam have sold me super cheap but that I'm never going to have time to play. And a laptop.

Music plus something to listen to it on if not provided in the cottage. And things to make music with.

Walking boots and maps. Bicycle. Cameras.

A book of varied Japanese puzzles or similar (you can download sets of puzzles from Logic Masters India)

Hello, you've just said some of the magic words in my language. Might I interest you at all in the work of the UK Puzzle Association? I'll be doing the LMI timed test this weekend, far more in the hope of entertainment than any particular result.

Max, perhaps you might consider a GPS or GPS-enabled phone in the hope of interesting Welsh geocaches?

Gosh, there's a coincidence! I registered on the UKPA site like, well, yesterday or something like that. I will indeed be doing Sprint, and have suggested to the family that I need 90 minutes of uninterrupted peace and quiet just as soon as they like. There are several puzzle types in it that I'm very unfamiliar with though. Not just the rare ones, but I don't really know Tapa at all well.

I've done a couple of practices on the LMI site, and based on those I think I'll be about 80% of the way down the finishers. So we shall see.

Good places with Tapa to practice are PuzzlePicnic (click on "Puzzles in this genre") and janko.at, both of which probably also have examples of most of the other types with which you're not familiar.

Enjoy the LMI test! It's a great site.

Well, that was fun. I didn't submit many puzzles, but I did get all the ones I submitted right. And I solved another one immediately after the finish. So I just need to pick up speed really. Still have a few to figure out.

You did perfectly respectably, and your position will very probably be rather better than you had anticipated! You hammered me, not that that's saying much. :-)

Not an excuse, just an observation; you can ask people for uninterrupted quiet time as much as you like, but somehow it doesn't seem to work for cats!

Jigsaw puzzle in case of rain.

Walking boots. Old fashioned paper map (because I've known people get lost when they can't get a GPS signal). A simple book on identifying birds.

A small but high quality supply of friends.

A kindle with some good books.

A raincoat!

Welsh for beginners?

Walking boots and waterproof. Books. Sewing. Beer.

Where are you going to, she types from Wales in her posh hotel with a view of the sea lashing the groyne and free wifi.


Whitesands Bay. St Davids area.

You have a DS, right? No problem then!

After owning 3 generations of Gamebody and only ever really using the first, I've so far not succumbed to the lure of the DS.

??? wtf is a gamebody?

A game body is one that enjoys having its groyne lashed...

If you're going somewhere windswept and interesting then take/buy when you're there some local history/geology - far more interesting if you can actually stand in the places described.

Alternately, now is the time to learn Welsh: Then it'll be Tydd din pob sais, eh?

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