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spikey eye bw



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Third party vs fully comp
spikey eye bw
So Greg is likely to share driving with me when we go to Wales soon. He is covered to drive my car 3rd party. My car, according to http://www.webuyanycar.com, is worth a grand total of fifty quid (the tyres cost me four times that! And it doubles in value when I put petrol in it!).

Given these facts, is it worth insuring Greg to drive my car fully comp? Not sure if this is a factor, but I have RAC roadside recovery.

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Ask them to insure you fully comp for free, that is, no more than third party costs you anyway. They often agree if the car is worthless. On the downside, they won't give you more than fifty quid even to write the car off.

He's covered third party by his own insurance. To add him to my insurance wouldn't be free. (I am already fully comp, myself.)

What I'm asking is, under what circumstances, is the fully comp actually worth having given that any accident that does damage to my car will write it off? (The excess is more than the car is theoretically worth.)

At that value, why aren't you just third party covered yourself?

Price difference was negligible and covers possessions in the car and windscreen replacement.

I asked for that once and they told me there was no price difference for a sufficiently worthless car: they were ensuring me fully comp for nothing.

Over the last few years Third Party has been priced as higher or even higher than comprehensive to try to dissuade people using it.

No, it isn't worth adding Greg to your insurance. Use the cover he has already.

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