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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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spikey eye bw
Incidentally, I still read LJ every day, but it doesn't take nearly as long any more. I guess I should write more myself, but we've heard that refrain about a million times, haven't we?

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I am much the same. Read everyday but post rarely. Takes too much effort!

Me too. Although it's more the time that's stopping me posting so much - it takes me longer to write a post (excepting ranting) than it does to update a status.


(whoops, it's not FB is it...)

Same here. I don't do LJ at work, which cuts down on a lot of my activity from the glory days. It takes longer to catch up with Twitter when I get home than LJ :-/

Yeah, LJ is where I *write*, FB is where I *post*. But I should make more effort here too. Thing is pretty much everybody on my LJ flist is also on my FB one which is bigger, so any small things I want to say I do there.

I'm the same.

Although it's a lot harder when you feel like you're talking to yourself.

I'm still here!

I think all the cool kids are about twitter and facebook these days.

... yup, me too. I'm considering posting my tweets across from time to time, so the remaining LJ people know that I'm still alive and doing stuff, at least (and most of my catch-up posts ended up being bullet-point lists anyway, that'd be about the same).


I am still posting fairly often--if nothing else, old LJ entries are easier for me to find and read than old entries in my paper journal--but it's harder to continue when people aren't commenting.

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