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spikey eye bw
Who runs smofs.org and how do I contact them? I keep getting monthly reminders that I'm on a mailing list that I don't think I am, and none of the "unsubscribe" etc links work.

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Updated: 25 seconds ago
Registrant Contact Information:
Name: Tim Illingworth
Organization: Tim Illingworth
Address 1: Bell House
Address 2: 14 Main Street
City: Coveney
Zip: CB62DJ
Country: GB
Phone: +44.1353778663
Email: @cix.co.uk

Last seen in Oak Ridge, TN, US, so that info is a bit out of date.

This is left over from Tim's move to the US - there is a version of smofs hosted somewhere that he does not control and he has been unable to help me with getting this stopped, so I have a filter that sends this straight to bin.
I do try again periodically, so one of these days it might get fixed.

Should be fixed. Again...

Thanks. I'll let you know if I get more.

Which part of "secret masters" did you not understand?

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