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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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Moot 1 overview. Warning, contains larp.
spikey eye bw
- General buzz - people like my character lots.
- Cap'n's ritual results
- Rumours of Graf's death on two consecutive nights, and being entirely fine.
- Whack-a-Satuun and Twister Balance rites were hilarious - although the first de-power Satuun of the weekend was awesomely powerful in terms of atmosphere, too.
- Peace negotiations saving our bacon, but hairy moments despite it
- Running away from Satuun and sitting in camp with fingers in the air, Jay and K8's reaction was priceless. (Wide eyes and a subdued whisper of "motherfuckaaaa...." as they turned around immediately upon seeing us.) Subsequently being congratulated on actually having left a message saying where we'd gone.
- Stealth healing during the final battle.
- Monstering for a change at a mainline and getting to be part of the group that did the rites that empowered the Big Bad of the weekend (although I would have been better if I could speak at that point but my throat wasn't having it).
- Getting caught up in rites to Law after hearing the rather funny comment that "The Chaos worshippers are very organised".
- A chance opportunity to get to know Sue's new Incantor character.
- Shocking the healers: "We could use more sanctuary items" "Just use your paladins" "We don't have any."
- Trying to give away beer cake to the Bears who seemed wary that it might be poisoned and kept refusing.
- Inadvertently choosing a totally sheltered corner to camp in - standing in front of the Jackal's fire I was freezing, but when I came to my tent to sleep and took layers off, I warmed up!

- Stupid, annoying illness. No voice for most of the event and a hacking cough developed, too, reducing my ability to sleep.
- Trying to get everything into the car - in both directions. Packing would take far less time if I had more space to play with.
- Weather. The crazy, crazy winds. My new bell tent has uber metal pegs and was placed well so survived, and my oc tents were sheltered, but the wind killed tents around us and just made it really cold at night, as well as throwing my cloak in people's faces. And, despite factor 50 sun screen and snaz all over my face, I've got mild sunburn.
- Vague guilt at not doing a ritual. I had IC reasons to not be there and I had no voice, but the circle was perfectly aligned to my character and with a couple of rituals under my belt I think I could have beaten the score we got by a lot (a sad and harsh 4). Still, it means the new guy has got one under his belt now and the feedback was useful.

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"The Chaos worshippers are very organised"

Beautiful. *grin*

Hope you get better soon!!

despite factor 50 sun screen and snaz all over my face, I've got mild sunburn

That always happens with me. I think it's the reapplication that I'm missing out on.

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