Max (hawkida) wrote,

Back to work

Well, work is work like but could have been worse. Journey in was hellish. Train diverted, then there were no tubes from London Bridge. Or rather, there were, they just wouldn't let us near them because of overcrowding on other lines.

This evening I have been cycling round the Misfits lake. Turns out you can't get all the way around easily because of some building work down one edge. It was pretty cool though. And I think I could see bits of the Thames from the north side. I should visit again when it's not so dark. I may cycle again on Thursday, if so it'll probably be a trip to Lesnes Abbey.

Since there is no exercise in my commute any more I should be doing about an hour to make up for it after work, but I know that's ridiculously ambitious given that I'm out of the house for close to 12 hours, and need to allow some time for silly trivial things like eating and sleeping. Going to try to fit in 30 minutes a day anyway. And possibly do some walking during lunchtime.
Tags: exercise, work

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