Max (hawkida) wrote,


I've had pain in my foot since August. I went to see a doctor, and she said that my own assessment of possible tendinitis based on it hurting in the exact same ways as my wrist's RSI sounded plausible. She recommended ice (done that), antiinflammatories (done that) and rest, and said maybe physio would be an option. However, first she wanted to rule out the possibility of a fracture. So I went to get it xrayed.

Got the results just now. Nothing on the xray to suggest why the right side of my right foot hurts, but they have revealed arthritis around my big toe.

Damnit, I didn't know I had arthritis! I don't want it! And I'm back to square one on the actual issue as I saw a stand-in doctor and the real one wants to examine it for herself.
Tags: foot, health, pain

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