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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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Bed. Gone!
spikey eye bw
So the spare lodger, mstevens accidentally broke his bed by standing on it. Well, my bed as rented as part of the room furnishings. Not only did the slats break, the things the slats sit on did too. It looked like a fair amount of effort and spare parts to put it back together, and may not have been very sturdy. So he bought a new bed, had it delivered, and took the day off work to receive it and put it together. I came home to a pile of bits of old bed in the front hall.

Getting the council to take them away would have cost 27 quid, which M was prepared to pay. I wasn't prepared to have him pay it though, that's a stupid amount of money to waste. I thought I could maybe break it up small and send it away in the dustbin a bit at a time. But first, I thought I'd try an experiment and see how long it would sit outside the house without being taken away by passing locals.

Well, I don't know how long it took, but I do know it was less than 12 hours. Saves me some effort and someone's got a nice bed project - the head and foot sections are really still quite sturdy so it could become something useful again. Although it may have been nicked for firewood for all I know. Still, no longer my problem and someone obviously felt it was a gain.

I'll do more regular checks if I put anything else out to narrow down the timescale.

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Yeah, when I put out the handsome but water-damaged Ikea dresser that had been taking up space in our garage in Costa Mesa out on the curb because I couldn't face moving it all the way to Seattle only to find it wouldn't fit in the door of the next apartment, it disappeared in less than an hour, and that curb was on a cul-de-sac.

You're doing better than we do here. In this apartment complex people leave furniture and the like beside the garbage hoppers all the time and none of it ever seems to be taken away except by the body corporate. The only thing I find more bizarre than this is the sheer quantity of furniture which gets thrown out, I think we're average more than one couch a month for example. Pretty impressive give there are only 48 flats here.

Furniture listed on Freegle or Freecycle tends to go quite rapidly. My sister furnished half her house from stuff given away by other people.

This wasn't furniture, it was wood that used to be a bed and required significant effort to turn back into a bed.

Fair point, though I've also seen firewood go quickly on Freegle as well.

(and I freecycled a bicycle that was missing one pedal and was listed as such)

Our council here in Hull will collect anything free of charge!

Same here in Walthamstow, NE London.

That was what I was hoping for, but annoyingly this one don't.

Tower Hamlets, where I normally live, give you 2 "large" collections per year, after which you're supposed to start paying.

It was three in Walthamstow until earlier this year when they changed it to help fight flytipping.

Sounds like you have a decent lodger there :)

Nice also to see that the stuff got taken away for free and pretty rapidly too! :)

Not only is it cheap to let people who want it pick it up, and not only does it presumably help those people, it's also "greener". Win-win-win!

Have you tried it with bodies?

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