Max (hawkida) wrote,

Bed. Gone!

So the spare lodger, mstevens accidentally broke his bed by standing on it. Well, my bed as rented as part of the room furnishings. Not only did the slats break, the things the slats sit on did too. It looked like a fair amount of effort and spare parts to put it back together, and may not have been very sturdy. So he bought a new bed, had it delivered, and took the day off work to receive it and put it together. I came home to a pile of bits of old bed in the front hall.

Getting the council to take them away would have cost 27 quid, which M was prepared to pay. I wasn't prepared to have him pay it though, that's a stupid amount of money to waste. I thought I could maybe break it up small and send it away in the dustbin a bit at a time. But first, I thought I'd try an experiment and see how long it would sit outside the house without being taken away by passing locals.

Well, I don't know how long it took, but I do know it was less than 12 hours. Saves me some effort and someone's got a nice bed project - the head and foot sections are really still quite sturdy so it could become something useful again. Although it may have been nicked for firewood for all I know. Still, no longer my problem and someone obviously felt it was a gain.

I'll do more regular checks if I put anything else out to narrow down the timescale.

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