Max (hawkida) wrote,


I've never had recurring dreams, and I've never been able to recognise that I'm dreaming until I'm awake again.

Recently, though, I've been having dreams that kind of continue. In these dreams I've bought a house and I've owned the house for some time but it's vast. Each dream has cause for me to explore a different part of it, visiting vaguely remembered rooms and taking people around them. There's a huge basement with cave like parts, there are add on structures like stables. Upstairs there are multiple rooms and limitless bathrooms. Parts need to be rebuilt, refurbished or cleaned up, but other sections are in great repair as though used only recently. The place sprawls over miles, it's a farmhouse kind of structure - not much land to it, but the building itself is huge. I've had people to come and visit, a huge party, a ghost-hunting session and a TV show very much like Knightmare recorded there. They're fantastic dreams and every time I wake up I'm really disappointed.

I wonder what they mean...
Tags: dreams

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