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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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How did the party go?
spikey eye bw
Chatting, bop-it, candy floss, Pixie Stix, Sweets, alcotrifle, Baileys+Maltesers, Wkd, champagne, spirits, cocktails, wii, fireworks, fairground claw machine, pizza, deflating inflatable sofa, top bunk in use despite lacking a mattress, huggage, presents, too much breakfast and a game of hunt the smoke detector.

There was more, but I forget... I have a handful of photos.

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fun, bottle of cider, naff rabbit game, adults born in 90s, vomit, Jeremy, Crab starfish joke instalments, snoring

all together very splendid, just saying.

"fairground claw machine"


Sounds like a wild time was had.

It went very well.

Thanks very much indeed, it was really very pleasant and nice, and good to meet some new people.

also, so much fun doing the fireworks, are you going to do that again?

I am sure Elvis and myself could contribute explosives


If I have a party and there are fireworks available, then sure! Not sure when I'll be partying again though, and fireworks only really work in the winter. Thanks for looking after them along with Elvis, much appreciated.

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