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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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spikey eye bw
Random text messages last night:

unrecognised number: Whose this?
me: Who are YOU?
unrecognised number: Chris wots ur name?
me: Where did you get this number? I don't think I know you. Max
unrecognised number: I found it wen tidyin up sori to bother u
[ten minute pause]
unrecognised number: Do u know any single gals on o2?

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I had a similar exchange, without the last bit, a couple of months ago.

You're probably lucky you have a name that most people would assume to be a guy, or you might not have got rid of him so easily.

Do u know any single gals on o2?

Sounds like he'd have more luck with single girls on N20.

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