Max (hawkida) wrote,

W(e)aving a story

So... I've got a vague idea for making use of Google Wave and I'm kind of looking to recruit. Wave is all about collaboration, about creating something that can still be edited, and about getting multiple contributors. There are people out there trying to roleplay with it and I'm interested in doing something along those lines. I'm looking for up to three contributors who.

The plan is to create a story, but to run it to some degree like a tabletop rpg. Like I assume play-by-mail works although I've never tried it, but with more coherence and editing. Each volunteer would play a character, the conversation would happen between them based on the player's motivations, understandings and so on. I would probably take on a character as well, but my main role would be that of editor, author and gamesmaster. Players get to write both dialogue and general description, all of which is editable by me. The game/story would take place as one wave, and a second would exist to discuss things in much the same way as tabletop players drop out of character to ask about what they can see, what they might know about the things they're facing and so on. I have no idea if we'd need to create some sort of a rules system, I have no real idea of setting as yet - we can discuss that before starting. I haven't quite decided whether the group should have a general overview from the outset with an "end condition" we're aiming towards - probably not, I may give each character clashing motivations, or just let it wind and alter as it goes. But the idea is to end up with something at some point, for that something to take two forms: 1) a tale which is legible and of sufficient quality that a reader who wasn't involved might want to pick it up (and hey, with some of the fanfic I've seen, that's not a high bar to meet) 2) a wave that people can replay in order to watch the creation of the story.

So... tell me, what are the gaping flaws in the plan? What advice would you offer?

Would you be interested in taking part? And if so, do you actually have access to Google Wave yet?
Tags: storywave

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