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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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How to keep Max warm and dry when larping in November
spikey eye bw

Jog pants
leather trousers
paid of socks
pair of carrier bags (on feet)
second pair of socks
pair of leather boots
t shirt
tiger-print leotard
furry bodywarmer
long tabard (reaches to mid-shins)
giant leather (lammied) hero belt
suede and fake fur oversize waistcoat
fur coat without arms
cut off sleeves of a sheepskin coat
fleece cloak

And run around a bit. All waterproof and warm. Yay!

Night time
Version 1:
Sleep in t shirt, socks and balaclava using bedding that goes:
picnic blanket
4 season sleeping bag with a 3 season sleeping bag inside it
large, heavy, fake fur and fleece blanket on top
large wool cloak on top of that
hug a hot water bottle tightly

Wake up cold at 7.30am after about 4 hours' sleep.

Version 2:

Find spare bunk availability at 5am while chatting to irdm, sleep until 9am, struggle to leave cosy warm bedding to obtain food, eventually managing it at 10am.

Super-sleepy Max.
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Carrier bags on your feet will give you trench foot

And so will walking around in puddles formed in your boots and socks. There wasn't much option. I survived!

"tiger-print leotard"

Well that's the lucky ol' monsters distracted ;-)

Under all the rest you only see the sleeves. This is a good thing. And kinda the point.

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