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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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Weird computer problem
spikey eye bw
I seem to have an odd problem with my Flash installation and removing it and replacing it and making sure it's up to date don't seem to help.

It just keeps pausing. Not for long, just something between a fraction of a second and a couple of seconds at a time, but it makes it too frustrating to watch video and interferes with games like Bejewelled on Facebook. Before anyone asks, no, it's nothing to do with the content streaming - if I let an entire video download and then play it it still happens. The video side affects Youtube, iPlayer and the One And Other site.

Anyone else encountered similar? I've experimented with turning of my antivirus software, I've scanned the machine for adware and similar, I've googled and all to no avail. Oh, and it's not related to my net connection as I used to have the problem in Peterborough via a Virgin connection and now have it with Sky over a BT line. Not really sure what to try next, short of a full Windows reinstall and that really seems like overkill. Any suggestions?

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If you're on an NT-like OS (NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7) then you might try creating a new user login and seeing if the new user on the same machine still has the same trouble. If all users on that machine have the same trouble, then a re-install might be indicated -- if it's unique to your own user object, then you can back up your My Documents, Favourites, Desktop etc etc, then log in as someone else and delete your profile folder, then log in as yourself again and rebuild your account.

Not a technique that would help on a 95-like OS (95,98, ME).

Thanks. It's XP and a new user appears not to have the problem. At some point I might follow the rest of the directions, but more likely I'll just switch users forever and a day when I want to watch video. Advice much appreciated.

Generally this problem is caused by one of two things:
1. You're using on-board sound and your CPU can't keep up.
2. You're using a sound card with old (read bad) drivers.
The answer to 2 is obv so I'll just explain #1. You have 3 solutions:
(listed in order of cost)
1. Get a soundcard.
2. Get more memory.
3. Get a better CPU (which may require the purchase of a new MoBo.)

I had this before the graphics card died.

I get it now even with the new card with blitz and something else running. I think it's a CPU problem, given the amount of heat around the case.

> Any suggestions?

I thought it was worth noting.

No, I don't have a useful suggestion, but Dougs' sounds like a good start

Assuming it's Firefox... I had this problem a couple of months ago and this fix seemed to help. If you're using something other than Firefox for browsing, though, I have no idea.

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