Max (hawkida) wrote,

Weird computer problem

I seem to have an odd problem with my Flash installation and removing it and replacing it and making sure it's up to date don't seem to help.

It just keeps pausing. Not for long, just something between a fraction of a second and a couple of seconds at a time, but it makes it too frustrating to watch video and interferes with games like Bejewelled on Facebook. Before anyone asks, no, it's nothing to do with the content streaming - if I let an entire video download and then play it it still happens. The video side affects Youtube, iPlayer and the One And Other site.

Anyone else encountered similar? I've experimented with turning of my antivirus software, I've scanned the machine for adware and similar, I've googled and all to no avail. Oh, and it's not related to my net connection as I used to have the problem in Peterborough via a Virgin connection and now have it with Sky over a BT line. Not really sure what to try next, short of a full Windows reinstall and that really seems like overkill. Any suggestions?

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