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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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I have moved house. Plus washing machine conundrum.
spikey eye bw
I am incredibly grateful to Elvis and Lara especially, but also to Vic, Helen and Lee. Between them and myself we've packed up all my stuff, moved it south, shoved it into the house largely at least on the right floor, replaced bits that wouldn't fit in, bought bits that were missing and generally got me something approaching settled in the new place. I have a huge mountain of boxes to unpack and a lot of furniture still to be assembled but the work these people have put in for me is astounding and very thankfully received. Lara and Elvis in particular were available from Thursday right through until late last night and we barely stopped, sleeping short hours overnight and doing a LOT of work throughout the days.

There is one major outstanding issue though. The washing machine. Now, I like my washing machine, it's got some useful programmes, a very fast spin and a decent energy rating. However, it is 7.5 years old now, and smells musty if you leave the door closed. Also, when setting it to run the dial makes some strange mechanical creaky sounds. However, I was hoping to get a year or so more out of it.

Here lies the problem. The plumbing for the washing machine is in the downstairs shower room. To put the machine in place means wheedling it through a gap of 60cm - the exact same width as the machine itself. Thus, highly unlikely to happen. Now, the machine is only 58cm in another direction, so it could go through that way. Except the gap is partially blocked by a radiator and a shower door handle. This leaves me with the following options:

1) Borrow, hire, or get a handyman who comes with a scissor lift to put it into position.

2) Ignore the space for a washing machine that currently exists, tear out the fitted fridge, and replace it with the washing machine.

3) Buy a new washing machine - a top loader seems to be the best bet as it's reduced in size but can still do decent loads.

Cons for each option:

1) Costs money, most likely. Whilst cheap in the short term if the machine dies I'll have to pay again to get it back out.

2) What do I use the washing machine space for if not a washing machine? It is well placed but for the getting it in. Also, why tear out a well positioned fridge, and just how easy will it be to move a washing machine up a flight of stairs with a turn in the middle?

3) I already HAVE a washing machine, I'm not keen on buying another. Also, there are issues around delivery. Likely second hand sources aren't turning up much (Loot, Ebay, Gumtree). Slimline machines are expensive and rarer than normal shaped/sized ones.

Meanwhile I'm going to have to work out how launderettes work. There is one within walking distance, at least, but I've no idea what the costs are and what hours that kind of place does. And, frankly, I have better things to be doing with my time but I'm not keen on spending extra money for the convenience of someone else doing my washing. There's always the bath and stomping around option, I guess...

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Congratulations on new house!


I can't help with the big problem, but the 'smells musty when the door is closed' may be that you aren't doing boil washes. Washing machines are designed to be kept clean with their 90 degree washes, but of course we all wash everything at 30 these days. Solution is to do a boil wash on empty from time to time. If you're already doing that, I can't help with that either, though.

Laundrettes are designed so you can sit and watch your washing go round. But they always offer service washes, where you hand them a bag of dirty washing and come back later and pick up clean dry washing. It costs a little more but we resort to it occasionally when our laundry is out of control. Quality varies hugely; sometimes it's all dumped in a bag and needs ironing, other times it's been beautifully folded with nary a crease.

Edited at 2009-09-14 02:51 pm (UTC)


how about a compromise?


these might make it easier to get the machine in the hole since they will enable a "straighter" pushing in the hole. There are plenty around and this pair in the link below have wheels all along them by the looks of it:


No, won't help - not unless I remove the shower door and the radiator first, the latter of which is really quite a job. The machine basically needs to be lifted about 4ft off the ground, then wheedled through a very, very tight gap.

ah. I didn't anticipate the 4ft off the floor bit...

So you need Yoda the mover.

Could we get your new address? Ta!

Congratulations on the move! yay!

Bugger about the machine. Do you have any handy friends who'd be willing to look at the gaps and give you opinions for beer?

I think you're probably going to have to get a machine in the long term though. Bugger.

Yay! Congrats on the move.


Removing the radiator isn't actually a big job. You just need a wrench and a bowl. It helps if you have a friend to help, but it's not essential. I've done it quite a few times on my own when wallpapering.

Google it. Honest. It may the cheap option for one evening's work.

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