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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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Do you have a completion date yet?
spikey eye bw
People keep asking me when I'm moving. I don't bloody know. What I do know is that the solicitors continue to appear incompetent.

They asked me to suggests dates some time ago and I said 15th August would suit me, I recognised it might not suit everyone in the chain and so offered a backup date in July. Both were Saturdays and I specifically referred to how weekend dates would be much more preferable for me as I work full time.

I heard nothing. So yesterday I chased in email, asking if the date of 15th August which I'd previously suggested was all right for others in the chain, and stating that I assumed as the July date is rather close now I assumed that would not be happening.

I got a reply that said they would recommend going for an August date given that there are things still outstanding, and was there any particular date that would be my preference? Note that the response QUOTED my own email in which I referred to 15th August.

So I stay polite and calm and restate this date, reiterating that a weekend date will suit me best. The response comes back fairly quickly again. It tells me that they can't do weekends as they are closed "and so are the banks".

1) My bank bloody ISN'T closed at weekends.
2) Why is it only NOW mentioned that a weekend is unsuitable?

This is a bloody pain in the arse as it means I'm much less likely to be able to rely on getting friends to help me out and will probably need to pay a real removals firm. She has suggested working towards 14th August, but has not yet replied to my email asking what that means - I don't know at what point I find out if the date we're "working towards" is actually my moving date. I don't know how long it will be until we're at the exchange point, which is when I assume the completion date is set in stone. I can't give notice on my broadband, or book a removals firm, or ask friends if they're available until the date is real. I need to have at least a fortnight between the date being set and the date arriving and with these incompetents I feel like they're going to turn around on 12th August and say "yep, completion will happen on 14th" or something. This is all really damn frustrating.

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(Deleted comment)
I have gone in and talked to mortgage advisors on Saturdays. It's hard to get an appointment, but it is possible.

The place I'm moving to isn't empty, but the people are moving to temporary accommodation. The woman buying my place came round to measure the bathroom last night and she has said that she is happy to move on any day. The people buying from her are first time buyers - so hopefully they won't be constrained. But a bit of bloody response from the solicitors I'm paying would be nice. Being told that things are impossible when I reply to their queries rather than when I chase weeks later would also be rather nice.

The legalities of storing stuff in someone else's property get a bit complex I think. For a start your contents insurance isn't valid.

It's only for one night. It's a risk, but one you have to judge if you want to take.

C.F. I don't have contents insurance at all at the moment. The minimum amount of coverage on the comparison websites was way more than I estimated my crud to be worth.

Yeah, but I lose right of access and stuff... the lawyers would probably have a fit (if they responded at all), if I were to keep a key beyond the completion point. I'm just keen to keep things simple.

it means I'm much less likely to be able to rely on getting friends to help me out

I usually don't work on Fridays and Saturdays, and am quite happy to come and help out in whatever way I can. Typically though, I am actually working on Friday 14th August until lunchtime, but could help after that, or on another Friday.

But you're unlikely to want to drive a Luton van for me, I presume? And it'd need to be on the 14th if that does turn out to be completion day.

What I might want is people to come and help me rebuild my furniture. But that's quite a trip for you to make.

I will drive a Luton, and non-weekends are way better for me, tbh. As I said before, the one thing I _can't_ do is lift particularly heavy stuff, but I'm totally happy to drive.

Hmm... I may be in touch over this offer!

Seriously, when I actually have a date I'm going to look at logistics and see who is prepared to volunteer to do what. If I end up with two drivers and no carriers it could get complex. I *may* be able to get everything into two Lutons but I need to do more precise measuring. You and Greg have now both offered, but there's still logistical questions over where to rent from and for how long, and who can do the carrying and so on.

But all offers of help are much appreciated.

But you're unlikely to want to drive a Luton van for me, I presume?

Not a problem. It's quite some years since I've driven one, but I assume it'd come back to me with a quick bit of practice. And as I remember it was great fun!

And it'd need to be on the 14th if that does turn out to be completion day.

Ah, well as I said, happy to come and help later on but sadly (and highly unusually) I'm working in the morning. If it turns out to be practically any other Friday I should be free all day though.

PS Not sure why you assumed I was unlikely to want to drive a Luton van for you - did you not know I can drive/have a car?

No, I didn't recall you ever driving anywhere, to be honest. And a lot of people who drive cars tend to blanch at the idea of driving bigger vehicles so I'm just working to a possibly broken assumption that if people don't suggest it themselves they'd be unlikely to want to.

Fairy nuff, it's probably not that obvious that I have a car! Certainly not over LJ or at conventions. And I see what you mean about people blanching at the idea of driving something bigger than usual. I thought of suggesting I'd be happy to drive for you but didn't - probably partly I didn't know if you'd need a driver, and largely I was posting from work so trying not to get too verbose. And also I'm often a bit crap at remembering that just because I've said something inside my head, I haven't finished saying it in a comment...

You have to complete the legal stuff on a weekday, there really isn't a way round. It can't be a saturday. It could be written into the contract (formally or informally) that you do all the financial and legal stuff on the friday and do the physical move on the saturday.

You could arrange that the money etc is done on the friday but the effective date of transfer of ownership is the saturday, that might get you round your insurance issue.

As long as all parties are in agreement then access can be arranged so that you can do the physical move on the saturday - best bets are to ask the estate agents as they deal with the keys etc.

Exchange will not occur without confirming what date every one wants for the legal side. Its usually 7 days before completion. (for example if you exchanged tommorow 17th then completion would be 24th).

My plan of action would be:
-Talk to the estate agents and see if they are amenable, they are the ones who actually GIVE you the keys.
-If they are ok with it and the two people either side of you are fine with it then write to the solicitors and inform them that is how you want to proceed and that you have agreement via the agents.

Also talk to the agents and get them to confirm what dates people would like and report back, the agents can be much less stuck up about confirming things.

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