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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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spikey eye bw
I HATE driving. Too many idiots on the roads for my liking and I have no sense of direction.

So why do I keep looking at cars and trying to work out how I could afford to run one?

Stupid tempting internets!

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I'm currently shopping for a new car; not out of necessity, but it looks like a good time, and some of the benefits would be over the next few years I think. And the more I look at long-term fuel issues (what will cars run on in 10 years?) the less certain it looks, so waiting for that to clarify in just a year or two isn't going to help.

(Current car will be 12 this fall, and I live in an American city other than New York :-)).

But by all means, stiffen your spine and resist! They're expensive, even more so where you are. And some of the time you spend walking or bicycling to/from the train now you'd have to convert to gym time somewhere, or else lose muscle tone, cardio health, and quite possibly gain weight.

When I move house I'm going to lose the cycling time, but the walking part of my commute will remain (I'd have to be insane and rich to consider driving to work in London). I'm just getting tired of having to rely heavily on friends for getting to and from conventions and larp events, and a car would also make it easier to shop, to visit friends and so on.

But I really do hate driving.

I hate having to use public transport and have my car sitting on my driveway to use with hubby at weekends etc.

It pissing me off that they make the test ridiciously difficult. The last two times I failed was because of what another driver did to me and not my fault in the slightest.

/of course I actually need to get well enough to leave the house now

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