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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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spikey eye bw
About three or four years ago I planted a few raspberry canes.

This afternoon I picked about a million raspberries from the garden, and that was just the ripe half. They've colonised the entire length of the garden and are going for the width as well but the mower is mighty.

I hope the new home owner likes raspberries. I wonder if I can grow new ones in pots or troughs given that my next garden is bricked over.

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Seems to be a good year for rasps - everyone seems to have gluts! I am jealous, they are my fave fruit :)

My autumn fruiting ones are over-excited and producing already but the other canes are a bit poor. They were cheap from Aldi and have never done well. The strawberries are ROCKIN'

I'd probably run a trough and keep the cane at one end to give them space to travel. Well-watered in season and shaded is the key here.

You probably could grow in a trough, but is removing some of the bricks an option? (you'd obviously have to get topsoil from somewhere.)

yeah we have tons too, it's great :)

If you're lucky your bricks are on a base of sand and hardcore, in which case it's relatively easy to lift some bricks and base and fill the hole with topsoil, and you've got drainage so your plants get the benefit of any rain.

If your bricks are on a concrete base you're pretty much limited to pots requiring watering until and unless you're willing to get rid of the concrete.

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