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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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spikey eye bw
Four people I know lost their mothers yesterday (three deaths, two of those are siblings).

Another friend lost hers around a month ago.

Getting older has some really nasty consequences and I guess I'm going to be seeing more of this from here onwards.

I wish there was something more practical I could say or do for the grieving.
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This post is word for word what I'm feeling at the moment (though in my case it's two friends who have lost a parent over the last couple of months, and someone very close to me who is in the process of losing their mother). Without wanting to co-opt other people's misery, I find the desire to ease their grief somehow and not knowing what to do - or even how to convey that desire in a helpful way - cripplingly painful at times.

Be there when they want/need to talk. Listen. Maybe cook them something. Listen. Ring them and ask if they need anything, or want to go shopping or something.

Good luck, and I agree with you on the getting older thing. *sigh*

I can only comment from my own experiance having lost my Mum 19 months ago. There is probably nothing you can say or do to help except apart from letting them know you are thinking of them. That does help.

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