Max (hawkida) wrote,


This morning the train was extremely packed, for some reason. I arrived at the station later than I'd have liked, too. My bike currently has a slow puncture and the front tyre needs reinflating about once a week. Actually, what it really needs is a new inner tube because the valve has something wrong with it that makes it really difficult to attach the bike pump in such a way that will let air into the tyre. I've been meaning to get a decent foot pump to make this whole thing easier but haven't quite found time so the bike is out of action until I remember to set aside an hour to fight with the bicycle pump.

So I walked and arrived in plenty of time for the train, but not enough time to place myself at the front of the crowd waiting to get on. The only options once I got on were to stand or to sit in the smoking carriage.

I should have stood. I have a vaguely sore throat and I stink. I find it quite annoying that so much space is given over to smokers on the train, too. The carriage I was in was approximately 20% full of seated people, the rest of the train was packed. Clearly there isn't much of a call for the smoking carriage so why inconvenience so many other people?

Well, it's not a great start to the week, and this is the first five day week I'll have done in ages (should have been last week, if I'd not been ill) so expect grumpiness.
Tags: bike, commute, smoking

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