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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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spikey eye bw
I've done the washing. All of it. And most of it's dry. We'll forego the question of ironing. I don't do ironing. Not unless I really, really have to.

I've changed the bedclothes, too. This leads me to the following conclusion: I need longer arms.

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I dont do ironing either, I've discovered that if I hang it up as soon as i've taken it from the dryer, they dont look tooo bad. Altho I must confess both me and my clothes will be happier when i don't have to use a dryer all the time. Never thought i'd look forward to having a washing machine and outside line...ahh the joys of living abroad :) no more going to the bank to buy rolls of quarters, I had to use 16 of the blighters yesterday! But then I may have to start ironing again...oh dear...

There is a poem which starts something like, bedclothes should always be folded in pairs. I didn't get around to doing the washing, but I have mopped the floor downstairs, so I feel virtuous. I try to avoid ironing, I spent years selecting the perfect non-iron wardrobe, even my smart shirts are made of fantastic modern fabrics!
A xx

And we've fitted a new carpet in the toilet and cleaned out the filters in the dish washer.

Virtuousness all round, eh?

How good are we? Lets give ourselves all a big pat on the back!

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