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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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Final Fantasy
spikey eye bw
I always do this. I'm meeting Alison and Yvonne today. Aimed to be at Paddington for 11ish but my paranoia about lateness kicked in at here I was at 10am.

But there's a branch of Electronics Boutique here and after browsing for a while I stumbled across the newly re-released Final Fantasy 4&5. The shop assistant was quite surprised. He automatically assumed it was one of the 'pre-order FFX' boxes from the shelf and started to tell me he couldn't give it to me right now, then did a double take, cut himself short and asked 'Hey, when did this come out?'

I am starting to think maybe I should find time to play these games I'm collecting. Wish I could get away with THAT at work! Question is do I buy FFX on Friday or just wait...?

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Oh my. How much were they? And they're for PlayStation, yeah?

Must buy... must....

Twenty quid for a two disk set. For Playstation, yeah.

Gah! I should probably visit games shops a bit more often =) RPGamer reckoned Anthology was out last February, which it obviously wasn't, and I hadn't heard any more about it.

You're not the only one letting the games pile up though, Sea. If I get Anthology that'll make of total of six Squaresoft games I'd have left unfinished, and not for lack of desire to play them =) And of course FFX is here soon as you say, and best of all there's no longer an interminable wait for Xenosaga episode 1 (lapses into ecstatic mumblings...)

I've never, really, completed a Final Fantasy game myself. FF7 I almost finished but then I went away on holiday for two weeks and when I got back I totally forgot about it. I did start to ease my way back into it a while ago, tho.

FF8 was, well, not interesting. I didn't really like any of the characters and the storyline was poor. Oh; and as I bought it second hand the 2nd and 3rd CDs were a little scratched and would stick whilst going into most random battles.

FF9 I did like, however, and I've played little bits over time and never sat down and played loads in a short time. I've paced it, really, and am at the very end (i.e. I have the final two battles to complete) but I always die too easily in the very last battle. So I'm going to have to go and find them monsters which are able to improve your stats quickly just so I've got a bit more strength behind them.

i rather liked FF7, but FF8 had plot holes you could drive a mobile military academy through. ^_~

the only other FF games i've ever played were the Final Fantasy Legend series for GameBoy...

FF7 introduced me to the series, and although I enjoyed it thoroughly from start to finish, I didn't really get into it in a big way. Some of the plot's twists and turns are quite convoluted; I think I'd get more out of it, or at least a better understanding of Cloud/Zack's history, with a second play through.

When FF8 came along, though, it really sank its teeth in and didn't let go, as you might have guessed from the terribly fanboyish addition to my site =) I seem to be diametrically opposed to most other fans of the series in liking this game, and I'm not sure why. If the game's characters weren't particularly likable (and I'm not sure I'd agree with you there) I found them consistent and well-written. Besides, how many of , say, William Gibson's characters have you really liked, as people?

I also found the game's story engaging. Many FF games have the handicap that although their stories are complex, they are oversimplified in the telling. I think FF8 helped redress the balance very well. Perhaps its problem is that much of the story only starts to hang together towards the end of the third disc. In addition, some elements of the backstory only come to light if you go out of your way to look for them. I thought this was a good idea, but perhaps it was a lesson in how not to tell a video game story.

I found FF9 fun, but a return to the 'complex story, simplistically told' formula. It's worth finishing though, if for just one absolutely sublime moment during the ending FMV.

So I hold out hope for FF10. FF games are said to run in cycles: even-numbered games bear similarities to each other, as do the odd-numbered. Who knows? Tidus and Yuna bear a marked similarity to Squall and Rinoa, if their story seems familiar too, I for one won't be too disappointed =)

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