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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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spikey eye bw
Argh! Why do random strangers keep sending me Yahoo Messenger messages? Does this happen to everyone? Sorry, but I have NO idea how to respond to:

ford1969uks: hi your pic u r sad i love to make u happy ;-)

Although I have to admit it's vaguely better than "a/s/l? 28, male, Kent". What makes someone target complete strangers for random chat anyway?

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I got one that just said "Hey Helen" from someone calling themselves blade. It gets me confused, is it someone I know (granted, calling me Helen probably means no) should you just reply out of politeness, are they totally mad? I know exactly how you feel.
Helena/Adela/Missy but never Helen. Unless you are my mother xx

Loneliness and the desperate hope for a shag?
Of course some people just like chatting.
If you think about it CB and Ham Radio is the ultimate in random chat, and that has been round a great deal longer than Yahoo.
CQ CQ CQ DX...argg! stop!

I never understood CBs either... I could understand if they were things like "Hey, I see you like [whatever], so do I. What did you think of [aspect of whatever]?" But random "Talk to me" messages? I mean, about what?! And how do you get from "I'm in Kent" to "Let's shag" smoothly, anyway?

Er, I'd just like to make it clear on that last point - I'm not looking for tips!

searching for amenity disposal sites in Kent.

How disgusting!


on ICQ I have 'must have authorisation before can send me messages' enabled. Keeps out the random pr0nsters / chatters...

And how do you get from "I'm in Kent" to "Let's shag" smoothly, anyway?

Usually by way of "what are you wearing?" =)

Try pointing them here.

No-one sends them to me, but then again on my photos I look like evil bitch from hell :)

Would you like me to point ford1969uks in your direction? I sure don't want him.

I am the worlds most chatty person, but even I get put off. And I'll talk to anyone.

Aren't you recovering enough from the time McLister rung you up thinking you were a prozzie called Angiebaby?

Loneliness + horniness = "a/s/l? trade pics?"

On the subject of cybersex, look at this:


This is supposedly a collection of REAL cybersex logs, by a writer pretending to be a 14 year old girl, and taking the piss out of the people trying to cyber her. Some of these logs are hilarious.

See <http://fury.com/aoliza/> for an example of how people will take the piss out of themselves trying to chat up the "psychoanalyst" program Eliza on AOL. (seems to require JavaScript)

Subject "fiftyeight" opens with an "a/s/l" and says it's just looking for somebody interesting to talk to, though why "a/s/l" would be relevant to that I do not know. Subject "sixty" is aparently a pseudonym of Sexist Sid's American cousin. Of the current set, only "fiftyseven" seems to be the drive-by wanker one stereotypically expects.

I find that I typically just ignore most random chat requests unless they write in some approximation of Standard Written English and have something intelligent to say about some common interest.

Usually they get the hint.

Out to see what they can get, costs them nothing, they probably have several going at once. Lonely, don't know what else to do about it. Actually mad, believe that their behaviour is entirely normal and appropriate, or are compelled to engage in it.

For men it's usually come-ons for stiffeners (as Skel once put it) of either a pornographic or pharmaceutical nature, or for scams posing as one of the above. On the other hand, I've been messaged at by women who seemed to fall into one of those initial categories, as well.

But what's "a/s/l" mean? It seems that even near-instaneous communication can't heal the rift between our countries that is due to our nearly common language.

Re: shallow as scum

a/s/l is shorthand for "What is your age, sex and location?"

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