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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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spikey eye bw
Gah, stupid stomach, can't it get over this already?!

What actually causes the cramping feeling? Any advice on how to make it stop beyond just waiting for it to pass?

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Peppermint is always good for that sort of thing. Cordial or tea, even polos.

Yup. Peppermint tea is a quick cure all, or if you can stomach it (pardon the pun) Redbush tea. Avoid anything high in fat.

I don't do teas. But polos are easy enough. As is my constant supply of Wriggleys Extra.

High in fat? Well, there goes the chocolate which leaves my diet comprising toast and fruit juice. And polos, apparantly.

I tried to eat two ginger nuts for breakfast, had a vague recollection of hearing ginger is good for digestion - though now I think about it that was probably nausea, not digestion. Well, anyway, I ate one biscuit and fed the other to a swan.

ginger is good for letting me play Doom & other games that cause me icky travel sickness.
Can't drink tea as it upsets my stomach. Ditto for many types of mint.

Ginger is apparently great for morning sickness.

But I don't want morning sickness...


Makes you wonder who buys all the shampoo "for greasy hair", doesn't it?

heck, any hair'd be nice :)

Depending on just what the feeling is, you might want to try some thoroughly burnt toast. Not the 'hard black cinder all the way through' kind, but the kind dusted with black on both sides thoroughly.

My dad swears by it for stomach stuff; it helps balance out some ofthe acid issues, if this is an acid issue.

I'm not convinced it's an acid thing. But I might give this a try tonight anyway. I've rediscovered soup today. And bread is okay, so that was lunch, tomato soup and bread rolls. Quite satisfying, in fact. However my reputation as a carnivore is at stake as I haven't eaten meat in days. This is quite disturbing!

I can always tell when I needed the burnt-toast cure, because it tastes good when I go to eat it (kind of like, when Gatorade tastes good, you know you needed it). Of course, that may be due to years of conditioning with Dad foisting it on me as a remedy and then my body associating it with relief. :->

Peppermint tea, flat Coke or ginger tea is good.

Plain white rice or saltines.

Not the BEST diet in the world, but it'll keep you going

Now, homeopathy has lots of things that will help, but that would need 'lots' more information. When my stomach is doing that I take 'argent nit' in either a 6 or 30 depending on the severity...if you are at all interested in the homeopathic route I can give more help. I'm a convert and went to a homeopath for years, and have self prescribed since coming here. Failing a trip to Boots to buy the above: Thyme is the most medicinal of the herbs and is also a antispasmodic, make a tea from the dried leaves and put lots of honey with it coz you'll think it tastes gross. [Also fab for sore throats.] My I have wittered...hope you feel well soon.

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