Max (hawkida) wrote,


My phone contract is up soon so I'm looking around for an upgrade.

And I'm failing to find one.

What I want out of a phone is this:

- Qwerty keyboard (a REAL keyboard, not an on-screen one)
- Touch screen
- Not running Windows
- Faster than GPRS connection
- Full internet connection, not a walled garden, and at a reasonable inclusive price rather than charged by the downloaded meg
- Can do ebooks on a screen big enough to accommodate a reasonable amount of text

Nice to have:

- Running PalmOS
- Expandable with new programmes and a reasonable number of progs to choose from
- Wifi

I think what I want is the Treo 750p, except I need a GSM phone and that was only ever developed for CDMA and the US market. I "upgraded" to a phone running Windows and didn't get on with it. I found it counter intuitive finding some of the menu options and, worse, it would regularly crash without any indication that it had done so. To get it running again, I'd have to reboot it, sometimes by removing the battery, at which point I'd find over 24 hours of missed calls and texts.

I quite like the new Palm 500v but it's running Windows, it's only available on Vodafone who don't have an all-in web package, and the screen isn't a touch screen.

I like the iPhone more than I expected to, but it fails on having no keyboard or ebook software and also on costing a bloody fortune.

The Nokia N95 looks lovely, is available as an upgrade from T-Mobile who I'm already with and getting a reasonable contract deal from, but there is NO WAY I'm going back from a Qwerty keyboard to tapping out urls and emails on a number pad.

So is there anything that fulfills my wants? My Treo 650 is lovely, but it's showing its age. I'd like more internal memory, a faster connection to the net, and maybe a better quality camera. Oh, and I'd like it to download photo messages - supposedly it's capable but in practise it repeatedly tells me "download did not complete" and a week later I get a T-mobile weblink to look at the message on a computer.

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