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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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Train announcements as they happen
spikey eye bw
Would passengers note there is a bag on the platform, I can't quite see the coach it is near - it is halfway down the train, maybe coach D or C. If it is yours please put it on board as the last thing you want to do is leave it here. Again, please have a check that the luggage on the platform is not yours.


Ladies and gentlemen, this is your guard speaking again. Apparantly it is the train driver's bag, he has just gone to the toilet.

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At least the train wouldn't go away leaving it on the platform. Although, you never know.

I did once watch as a train pulled into the station. The train driver shot out of the cab, straight to the toilet (he must have been desperate). All well and good, but in his haste he had forgotten to press the button to allow the passenger doors to open and there was a trainload of rather annoyed passengers waiting to be let out!

*giggle* It's nice that they'll do that though - it really would be awful to leave the bag, especially since if people called the transport police, they could ... do something with it.

Silly boy. Or girl, but probably boy.

He should have left it in the cab.

My dad gets to hear quite a lot of amusing comments and he suggested a couple to share with you when i told him this:

Heard at Paddington: would passengers waiting for the 12h15 to Bristol Temple Meads please NOT join the train currently at platform 7, because you don't know where it's going, do you?

Also heard at Paddington: (female voice) the train standing at platform 5 is the 11h30 to Cardiff, calling at Reading, Didcot SQUEAK!!(pause)somebody just goosed me... er, Didcot, Swindon,.... (etc....)

I do love that kind of announcement :D
But what is the train driver doing leaving his bag there while he goes to the loo!?

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