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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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An Afternoon in the Life...
spikey eye bw
So I got the phonecall and left the building after food. I bought a sandwich and juice in Boots and managed all of about three bites of it. However the juice helped the hunger and didn't feel like it was burning through my stomach lining, which is odd because given the relative acidity of a tuna sandwich and a bottle of apple juice I'd have thought the latter more likely to do that.

Then the afternoon was spent in a relatively pleasant journey to Fleet and a hellish rush-hour-hitting return to Peterborough. Every so often I remind myself why I don't do tube trains at rush hour, and today I excelled in finding the hottest day of the year so far (or possibly not but it felt like it) to really drive home the point.

But I'm back now, I have the ear drops to ward off ear pain should it go back to aching instead of just feeling sore, and in less than ten minutes Buffy starts.

I'm having a good year. With the illness and the awful journey I've got good reason to be utterly pissed off right now, but I'm generally pretty happy with life. This is what my ankhs symbolise. Life and enjoyment of life. Even in the face of public transport.

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i knew that if you had a tattoo it wouldn't be on your forehead ^_~

Have to admit, the fake ones sometimes hit the forehead. However, I don't THINK anyone took photos.

ahh, but fake ones aren't permanent...i'm pretty conservative about these things, and even i've been known to put fake tattoos in odd places ^_~

And to think I thought ankhs meant you'd sold your soul to Weiser ;-)

Thanks! If we ever hit the same convention you'll get to see it in the flesh.

Must resist obvious pun...



...I thought the Victorians covered up women's ankh-les...

I always wanted an Ankh on my ankle, but when it came time for it I ended up with a cute little rose instead. I used to tell myself that Norbert on my shoulder was going to be the last one, but I find myself starting wistfully at tattoo magazines in shops again now. And peircings, I need to get more peircings...

It's not on my ankle! My ankle is below it! I knew I would get all these punny comments. The original plan was to have it on top of my foot but I was told that the bonier the site of the tattoo the more it hurts to have it done which was off putting. The real clincher, though, was that I realised it would be difficult to wear shoes or trainers while waiting for it to heal. Personally I'd be fine with that, but work wouldn't have been too happy.

No, I wanted one on my Ankle, ie, lower down than yours, and a wee bitty smaller. Still might have it done, on the other leg. And yes,they told you right, it does hurt like bugger when it hits the bone. I was fine til the stem of the rose went down onto that little bony bit, then I screamed!!

juice vs. tuna sandwich

If juice weren't less acidic than the contents of your stomach, drinking would be as painful as having vomitus in your mouth, and it isn't. If your problem is stomach acidity per se, diluting with a weaker acid would not be bad at all.

I believe that pain in the abdomen and thorax is often hard to accurately localize subjectively, so self-diagnosis is unreliable. I've only just started reading the back numbers of your journal, so forgive me if this is repetitious, but have you had any kind of medical consultation with a physician you trust about this pain?

Sandwiches, for example, can contain a lot of fat, and if you are responding to fat intake with pain (and, er, the unpleasant later consequences of malabsorption, particularly) you might well have the early stages of an illness such as a blocked bile duct.

By the way, any plans to pick up the corflu.org domain registration?


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