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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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Hey, wait a minute...
spikey eye bw
... my ear isn't hurting! How did that happen?

So do I get drops just in case or forget about it?

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Minimise your antibiotic use

I know I'm a vile anti-medical type. But regular dosing with antibiotics is very bad for you. (Though I'm sure and certain I was glad to have anti-biotics the first time my wisdom teeth went out of control).

Remember that most minor infections clear up just fine, of their own accord, without using antibiotics. Having said that, if you think there's any chance you'll wake up in howls of agony, it's probably worth having the drops in just in case. Just don't start taking them if your ears don't hurt.

I was going to suggest you get your teeth checked if you have ear infections, but I realise you've already done that.

Re: Minimise your antibiotic use

I don't like taking pills and medicines and mostly I avoid it - but I know from bitter experience just how nasty my ear infections can get and when the doctor hit upon the magic formula (which I really ought to learn the name of) I took to going and getting the magic drops upon the onset of the problem. Trust me, these things previously did NOT clear up by themselves. They made me deaf, sore, weepy and swollen. Which may be more detail than you needed but I'm driving home a point here.

The doctor says that it's because I have eczma in my ears that the problem keeps coming back. I've mostly controlled it by using cotton buds regularly but I think the hit my immune system took this week let it flare up again.

But I do like that plan of getting the drops and waiting to see if I need them. I'm pretty stunned that my ear's just stopped aching without any intervention beyond a bit of nurofen and a cotton wool plug.

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