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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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But I don't WANT to be ill
spikey eye bw
Slept away most of the day. Discovered eating is a BAD idea (you are spared the details). Have a stomach ache and still feel tired. At least this could explain why I spent most of the weekend asleep. Time to break open the echinacea.

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Chamomile tea is good for upset stomachs - don't forget to breathe in the vapours as you drink it, though...

Thanks, but no. I don't like tea type drinks. If it comes to it I'll use the immodium plus, meanwhile I'll just avoid food.

echinacea? Isn't that fish food?

(Deleted comment)
I had some ice cream on Sunday that I gave up on because it tasted funny and had a weird texture. I would have thought that would have had a quicker effect, though. But yes, it does seem to be food poisoning type symptoms and I'd like them to stop now, please.

Current status: Hot, sweaty, awake and bored. So it's getting better, at least...

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