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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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Why would anyone steal something that's free?
spikey eye bw
There's a recycling scheme in Peterborough. You put all your recyclable stuff into a big green box that you put out at the same time as your dustbin. If you don't have a box then you phone the council and ask them to bring you one. I did this because I had a huge amount of cardboard to dispose of and they are prepared to recycle cardboard. This morning before I realised I really wasn't in any condition to go to work, I dragged my green box and dustbin out of the garden and onto the pavement at the back of the house.

Several hours passed.

I realised the bin men had been while I was sleeping and went to retrieve the wheely bin and green box. Outside on the pavement lay my bin on its side, empty. And that was it. So I brought the bin back in and hunted around a bit for the green box. It's not there. Now, I know I packed it pretty full of cardboard, and I know I put a bunch of bags of cardboard next to it, but the bin men know what to do with the green boxes, and I can't imagine why anyone would want to steal one.

So where's it gone? And NOW how do I get rid of the rest of the cardboard? I'm going to have to phone the council again...

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If they're anything like our green boxes (in Brixton), they're quite nice curver-style boxes. People here steal them when they're moving house, because they're small enough to carry easily.

Our recycling crate has been nicked a couple of times

I think people collect them to use as household crates.

There's a similar recycling scheme in Croydon which has been running for a couple of years now and my green crate has been stolen twice. Still, life has a habit of balancing out. One morning I found a vacuum cleaner outside the front gate: perhaps it had been left in part-exchange...

Well I wouldn't mind if they'd swapped it for a lawnmower...

I dunno either, but it happens often enough that when Chicago picked a recycling scheme, they decided to save money by not springing for either the bins or the bizarre bifurcated garbage trucks bin-schemes need; instead, we put our recyclables in blue trash bags (paper separate from plastics/bottles), and put it with the regular trash. At the other end, the blue bags are sorted from the black and other, and go down a presort conveyor. The contents of the rest of the trash are indeed also sorted for recyclables, but pre-segregation into separate bags helps maintain them in prime, most-valuable condition.

Our blue bags appear and disappear a lot. The collectors just shove them into random letter boxes, so maybe they've just given the box to the wrong person.

Well all they have to do is lift it, empty it and put it back down. There's just no sign of it - it's not on anyone else's doorstep or anything. There is one next to the bin over the road, but I noticed that when I put mine out so that's not my missing crate. The council are going to bring me another one - but not until next collection day, which of course means I can't fill it up ready for the stuff to be taken. Oh well, the bulk of the cardboard from the house is gone, I've just got a shed full of it now.

the recycling boxes are labelled with the house number IN BIG WHITE DIGITS ... because otherwise on a windy day the recyclers throw them back on the pavement at the end of the drive and the wind catches them and blows them down the street. And if they aren't labelled then you go out and see a box, you assume it's yours and bring it in ... I believe I have two boxes now for that very reason (but maybe I've miscounted, one box was definitely buried under other stuff and I think it's still there, the other goes out occasionally, but since recyc day is Thursday and the gamers come Thursday evening, all the beer bottles, cardboard pizza boxes etc. are much easier to put in the Friday morning black bin collection ... yes, I feel guilty and (ir)responsible but it's that or put them in the recycling box for next week and then forget to put it out Thursday morning in time (and the recyclers arrive very early, often before I'm awake)

At the old house in Haringey our green box got pinched (which was understandable) and the council refused to give us another (which wasn't).

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