Max (hawkida) wrote,

Why would anyone steal something that's free?

There's a recycling scheme in Peterborough. You put all your recyclable stuff into a big green box that you put out at the same time as your dustbin. If you don't have a box then you phone the council and ask them to bring you one. I did this because I had a huge amount of cardboard to dispose of and they are prepared to recycle cardboard. This morning before I realised I really wasn't in any condition to go to work, I dragged my green box and dustbin out of the garden and onto the pavement at the back of the house.

Several hours passed.

I realised the bin men had been while I was sleeping and went to retrieve the wheely bin and green box. Outside on the pavement lay my bin on its side, empty. And that was it. So I brought the bin back in and hunted around a bit for the green box. It's not there. Now, I know I packed it pretty full of cardboard, and I know I put a bunch of bags of cardboard next to it, but the bin men know what to do with the green boxes, and I can't imagine why anyone would want to steal one.

So where's it gone? And NOW how do I get rid of the rest of the cardboard? I'm going to have to phone the council again...
Tags: peterborough, recycling, theft

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