Max (hawkida) wrote,

Sighs of Boredom and Holiday Musings

There's nothing to do. Well, that's not strictly true, I've volunteered to do the convention listing stuff for the_magician. But there's no sense of urgency to that. For some reason there's hardly anyone in the office. Maybe they've decided to spend their resource-pool time on holiday but I don't really have enough holiday spare to do that - and it would be a waste of days off anyway.

I spent some days at new year, some on Corflu, some on moving and that leaves me enough for recovery time after Novacon and 2 weeks in America in July. Oh, and the days between Christmas and New Year. I've got it all marked up on a mini calendar and my calculations say that leaves 2 days unaccounted for. And I can always drop the December days if necessary. So it's tempting to just change my plans and jet off somewhere but I'm not the sort of person who does that. And I'd only regret wasting the days later.

And where the hell would I jet off to, anyway?
Tags: bored

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