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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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Brown Hair
spikey eye bw
The hair dye was successful. At least, for some values of successful. My hair is now approximately its natural colour and thus requires no more effort on the colouring front.

But it's brown and it's boring. I think I preferred the red. In fact, I know I did. Even if it did make everyone do a double take at first, and even if I did get comments like "Nice hair, which corpse did it come off?" (Ian Sorenson, what do you expect...?). Damn.


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I've just gone back to brown from red, it does take a bit of getting used to. Think, you could have a had a comedy dying disater intead!

Think, you could have a had a comedy dying disater intead!

I know! I'm so disappointed.

And its not stripey, all in all you did very well. I change my hair every couple of weeks,I used to be a lot worse, but my current job won't let me have funky colours like red or purple,so i don't enjoy myself as much
A xx

You're looking great though!

Re: You're looking great though!

Hmm. Okay, so maybe the brown isn't so bad...

Separated at birth (new variant)

With a beard, you'd look kind of like Dante in 'Clerks'...

Re: Separated at birth (new variant)

I'll have to take your word for it. Never seen it, myself.

Re: Separated at birth (new variant)

That was exactly what I thought. So, would that make you two Jay and Silent Bob?

Maybe it's an artifact of the shot, but it *does* look rather reddish to me. Compared to my default color, anyway, which is distinctly mousy and has greenish overtones under fluorescent light.

I hope you replied: "At least I've *got* hair." Ah, Sorensen's jokes. The only corpsing that goes on when he's around is when people feign death in a vain attempt to stop the punning.

Nope. I'm useless at witty retorts. In fact I'm not particularly good at retorts. I did try the amazing power of the neutral stare on him but he somehow failed to notice.

the man obviously has no soul

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