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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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Simple Buffy Question
spikey eye bw
Can someone with Sky confirm whether or not this week's trailer for Thursday's episode is utterly spoiler ridden? Twice I've nearly seen it now. First time I switched off, second time I closed my eyes, put my fingers in my ears and counted out loud to drown out the sound. Am I right to be this wary or is it reasonably innocuous stuff shown in the trailer?

Oh, and please be careful with the answers - 'avoid' or 'relax' is what I'm looking for, not "Well it shows a scene where X does Y..."

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I haven't seen the trailer in question, but nonetheless my advice would be 'AVOID' as I've seen spoilers in trailers on Sky before. They have a bad rep for that, I think.

I haven't seen it at all, but then I have been watching DVDs for most of the evening.

I did see a bit of the repeat of Thursday's episode - hopefully not a spoiler, but they cut half the bathroom scene! (mind you, it was on at 6:30)

Sky trailers are usually spoilers - remember the one for the last episode of the last series?

Yeah, this is why I'm so wary. I was lucky last year. Raz saw it before me and realised how spoilery it was so we knew to switch channel every time it came on.

Bit of a coincidence there - just as I was reading your response the damn trailer came on yet AGAIN.

I haven't seen the trailer. But then again, I have no idea what will happen in the next episode. To know whether the trailer spoils, I'd need to know WHAT it spoils. And since Sky One is showing these episodes just 2 days after they ahve aired in America, nobody knows what will happen next.

But in general, Sky are awful at spoiling Buffy with their trailers. As the season comes to a climax and episodes get more exciting, I suggest avoiding everything on Sky One that happens between the programmes.

Again, I haven't seen it but I will say that Sky spoilers for the season so far (especially the "All New..." multi-show trailers) have been full of spoilers but often you'll be unlikely to remember them or they're only spoilers when you know the context.

I haven't seen the Buffy trailer for this forthcoming episode but I'd imagine that all they have to work with (i.e. scenes for trailers) are what they've been supplied with as trailer material... i.e. the trailer from UPN which they'll recut.

If so; avoid like the plague. US trailers are awful and spoil everything and anything.

Oh; and Angel trailers: definately avoid. Since Sky are three weeks behind they can get the episodes and pick the best bits (i.e. spoiler full scenes) to play for everyone.


The trailer I just saw contains footage from last week (with *minor* footage - i.e. seconds after last week's ending - from this week) with a voice-over from this week's episode also. Nothing especially revealing, no.

Watch out for trailers being shown from here on as Angel's finale is next Monday and Buffy's next Tuesday (US only) in a 2hr special.

(This week = UK broadcast on Thursday, US broadcast on Tuesday night.)

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