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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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Ooh, market!
spikey eye bw
I went into town (actually, these days it's "the city", isn't it?) to buy a birthday present for my neice. I bought her a football kit and some nail decorations having conferred with ang_grrr on what's hot with seven year olds these days.

Upon arrival, though, I found a big market going on. All these stalls with goods from the continent and so much of it food! So I came away with five different types of honey, some parma ham and some french bread. Then I bought a Simpsons poster at Woolworths and a chicken and some cordial at Iceland.

Then I walked all the way home and realised I forgot to get any wrapping paper. I really shouldn't be allowed out with money.

I did, however, resist the many assorted dried sausages that were on offer. They looked interesting but at three quid each for something shrivelled and mysterious I decided not to bother.

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something shrivelled and mysterious

this combined with ang's chipolata comment from a couple months back has me more than a bit disturbed...

You went to ICELAND? For CORDIAL?!

I mean, I know all those Euro countries are close together, but...

Yeah, I guess I took a wrong turn or something. It wasn't just cordial though - I got the chicke, too.

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