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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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27th July
spikey eye bw
How does 27th July sound for a barbecue, then? Anything clashing with that for everyone?

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Hmmmn...does that include returning peeps that you don't really know, who may [or may not] feel the need for a modest bit of travel after having been back for a month?
Feel free to say "No, this is just for the anon-c type gang and you'd feel like a fish out of water"
Don't really know *why* I'm asking, must be the post traumatic missing Buffy syndrome.

Sandra, you'd be welcome. Everyone on my LJ friends list is welcome. The hard bit is going to be figuring out who ELSE to invite.

Well, actually, no. It seems the hard bit is the finding a date but I'll get there eventually. Maybe I could do it twice What am I thinking?!

Yeah! Come come come. It means that I can torture you with Radio 2 in my car *snicker*

With the possible exception of Ace and TJ [my God I don't believe I said that....] the radio here is, erm, 'interesting' is probably the most diplomatic way to put it. [Altho' the adverts are sometimes very entertaining.] seeing as I'm not into :singing about God, nor country, and there's only so much 80's music a person can stand, even the mere thought of radio two will have me counting the days..... :)

sounds good to me ... and the Prom that night is crap so I won't be at that ...

It's the same day as the ZZ9 Beeblebears Picnic.

I know most of you won't be going, though.

Nige and Sabine Furlong's Barbecue, but apart from me and Del there may be little overlap.

Well that's TWO things clashing so this date is looking like a bad one. *sigh* This is getting way too complicated.

You'll never find a date that suits everyone. Just pick a date and it's just tough for those that can't make it. Well, unless they're the ones you really want to be there. =) If can't make then, I know that much. That's when Elias is due, and I don't want to be dashing up the M6 because Karen's gone in to labour. ;)

Yeah, I figured you'd be out for the summer with either a pending child or a brand new one. I think I'm going back to the August plan.

This would be a much better date for me, but it seems the choice is made already...

Oh, I assure you, it's very much not made. And my head hurts. 24th August is looking favourite...

Good for me!!

Funny there's no con over ABHW, when there's been SO many cons on this year..

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