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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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Teeth and Partying
spikey eye bw
Okay, so I've checked my hospital appointment. On 27th August I'm having two wisdom teeth forcibly removed from my head whilst under a general anaesthetic. Do you think I'm likely to be in a fit state by that weekend to do this barbecue thing?

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I think that while you would be in a fit state to attend a barbecue, you will not be in a fit state to cope with holding one.

How good are your powers of recuperation?

You'll find eating difficult.
BTW that weekend is when a number of UK fans will be slipping over to San Jose for the Worldcon. For definite Nolly and myself will be out in San Jose, as will whoever wins TAFF.

Oh, yeah, who's running this year? (hint: me and Tobes!)

Who's going to win that then? <grin!>

/T/o/b/e/s/ the_magician for Taff!

Different people seem to react differently to wisdom tooth removal. Some people are physically fine afterwards, except for a very sore jaw. But some people are physically ill for a week afterwards, with puking, and not being able to get out of bed.


I don't do puking, though. Last time I threw up was eighteen years ago.

Definitely having a re-think about the date, now...

My sister was laid up for about a week after hers (although she is a bit nesh anyway). Even if you react "well," you're not going to feel great.

Maybe you should... <thinks> what is the opposite of "postpone," anyway?
Well, have it another weekend, anyway.

wha's "a bit nesh" mean?

It means "a bit soft" or "a bit of a wimp". I thought it was a northerner's phrase, though.

Well, it's a Northern thing... kinda soft. Like, if you complain about having to walk home in the rain, that's a bit nesh.

I struggle to explain this to Dr Pete, and he's at least English (even if he is a soft Sortherner).

I've had two wisdom teeth out, at different times. No general anesthesia, just Novocaine at my regular dentist's, then acetominophen (which I think is paracetemol when you folks use it) and codeine afterwards.

I spent a few days eating only soft foods; I could have attended a barbecue, but not eaten barbecue food.

Call this another vote for changing the barbecue date.

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