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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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spikey eye bw
That pizza is turning out to be a bit of a letdown. First the banana is all bland and pointless, and now I find that a slice for breakfast just isn't filling. Time for a chocolate croissant from Pret, I think.

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Plantines dipped in chillies is much nicer than banana. And cooked banana is never the same in the morning, its all sludgy and stuff.

Anyway, I can count on the fingers of my foot the number of times I've left pizza till the morning.

Plantines? Whassat? (Jeez, I'm feeling ignorant around here lately!)

As for the leftovers, it's a nod towards healthiness. I could have eaten it all yesterday quite easily but instead I saved it and started playing with the dance mat for the playstation and pretending it was exercise. They may be crappy lifestyle choices but they could be much worse.

playstation dance mat?
is this like DDR (Dance Dance Revolution)?

I be needing one of them, for my PS2 :)

Hard to say. I'm not sure what DDR is. This is a mat that replaces a controller and you jump around it onto the "keys". I think it's actually called a "Rave Station".

DDR is the daddy of all dancing games. The dance mat you have will probably work perfectly as a controller for it, as most every Playstation dancing game (the Jungle Book one included) are just copying DDR anyway, just with different music. =)

Will report back once mindygoth's stuff from GAME turns up (and we get a new TV for the PS2).
We got two dance mats so we can compete. Wonder if there is a "Greese" setting and we can do Olivia Thingy & John Travolta :)

Plantine/Plantaine are similar to a banana but tend too bee a bit tougher (not nice uncooked). They cook up quite well though. Deep fried plantaine chips are a nice cocktail snack. But slice them and dip them in crushed red chillies or the ready chopped lazy chillies, layer them on top of a pizza and cook. Very nice. Well I like 'em at any rate.

Time to go DVD shopping now.

PJ O'Rourke once wrote something along the lines that it is not disgusting to have last night's pizza for breakfast if you stick it under the grill and call it 'Italian Cheese Toast'. Mind you, banana was probably not involved. Banana? I can remember once almost causing a riot in a restaurant because a vegetable pizza I ordered showed up with steamed broccoli on it, but banana is something new to me...

See, I've never understood this "You can't possibly eat X at Y time of day" thing. It's just food. Who is it that gets to determine whether any particular item is suitable breakfast fare? And leftover takeaway is just the same stuff gone cold. What's disgusting about that?!

Let's just say that the chilli pizza Neil and I ordered for breakfast on Saturday lunchtime at DFC tasted just as good when we went to bed at 5am on Monday morning and felt like having dinner.

You should be Chinese. It's just a Western fetish, this "some things are breakfasty" thing. They don't understand it in Asia at all where essentially it's rice and something else if you're lucky all day. I must admit my experience of travel in southern China was not enhanced either by Chinese breakfast (cold gnarled picled things, glutinous rice, deep fried dough sticks, bascally anything let over from inner) OR Western breakfast (fried eggs, sort of half poached then dropped into half a gallon of semi warm opil, staring out like dead eys. And a pickle on the side. Ah sweet nostalgia.)


I've a feeling that quite soon I gave up on breakfast in China (or I ate in my apartment, and consumed western breakfast cereal and soya beans on toast).

I've experienced it before, in places like the Dutch Pancake house, etc. Don't care for it.

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