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I'm awake

I feel much better now. I went to bed at 11.30 and got up at 6.30. I know it's only 7 hours but that's good, for me. Getting up at 6.30 on a weekday is a lie in as far as I'm concerned.

I still got into work before 90% of the rest of 'em as well. And I get out early tonight because of this wine tasting and meal thing which I'm thinking more and more of just skipping. I wouldn't mind the meal but it's the hassle of getting to it and getting back home and I didn't set the VCR tonight. As for the wine tasting, I only signed up to go to that when it got to the last chance to make the decision and everyone was saying "Go on, it'll be a laugh." Well, maybe it will for those who drink the wine, but that's not going to be me. And no matter how much fun it is I am positive it's not going to live up to the fun of last weekend. So I might just disappear when everyone goes over to Vinopolis (however it's spelt).

It looks like I might have to get used to having a social life as well - got home to find the diary details of the Peterborough SF group last night, I'm planning for the Hampshire gang to come over one weekend, I've got a holiday to plan and I'm having vague thoughts about a house warming. It's all go and I'm enjoying it.

We have a meeting this morning to find out what project we're on next and when it begins. This may yet kill my good mood. Updates later.
Tags: socialising, work

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