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Buffy didn't record! Well, it did, but there's no sound!

And I can't figure out quite why. Damnit! Well that's two hours gained, anyway...


What the... It seems to be related to the tape. But in a really odd way. If I set the VCR to record then it comes on, records as directed, but doesn't get the sound. If I press the record button it records with no problem. If I switch to a different tape then I can get sound by direct recording or by pre-set recording.

I can understand the tape being dodgy. I can understand there being a problem with pre-setting the VCR if there's something wrong with the machine. But the two combined to cause the problem? How does that work?!

And why did Buffy have to be sacrificed to the discovery? Grr.
Tags: buffy, technology

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