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Hometime Countdown
spikey eye bw
Only 25 minutes until I'm allowed to leave. A very slow 25 minutes.

And since half my friends list seems to be awake and active I expect I'm going to have a good number of comments to plough through when I get back to the computer. And then there's the 3500 posts sitting unread in rec.arts.sf.fandom.

As Trinker once said on the group:

4000 rasseff posts in the queue
4000 rasseff posts
open one up, post a reply
4300 rasseff posts in the queue...

(though 4003 would scan better and be more accurate).
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Has US cultural influence spread so much that even Britons now sing things to the tune of "X bottles of beer on the wall" instead of the time-honoured "Ten green bottles standing on the wall"? I weep, citizens, I weep for my country. (the_magician:"Suit yourself, but me, I'm weeping for me!"

Well, to be fair Trinker isn't a Brit.

But you are... aren't you? [sudden image of Max peeling off a British mask to reveal an American underneath]

I am. But I didn't write the song, I don't do filk!

lol, the "bored" icon is great!

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