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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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spikey eye bw
You are cordially invited to a service of The Cult of LiveJournal this coming weekend at Damn Fine Con.

Venue: Max and Ang's room

Time: To Be Announced

We will begin by reciting the the Credo in LJ, we will drink, we will baptise an Anonymous Claire into the fold. Laptop and creed print outs will be provided but you are required to bring your own drinks and/or chocolate. A collection will be taken and proceeds will be donated to TAFF.

(If this is making little sense you may wish to read this

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I suggest sometime on Sunday, as Anonymous Claire will be at a wedding all Saturday.

This afternoon's reading

Book of LiveJournal Ch 1, verse 42ff.

And tamaranth begat swisstone and green_amber (whose identity is a dark secret that none save those who can read may penetrate) and sbisson.
And hawkida begat bohemiancoast, and doubtless others of whom this tale does not speak. Possibly ang_grrr but it might be the other way round for all I know.
And swisstone begat missfairchild. And green_amber did sulk for a bit, but got over it.
And green_amber begat red_cloud by way of hawkida. But he did commit apostasy.
And sbisson begat marypcb, which was only to be expected, really. And marypcb begat danielle_uk, who may know not in for what she has let herself.
And the_maenad and the_magician were there anyway, and them we did welcomed.
And in Jersey we did greet dmw.
And they all got together to beget Anonymous Claire, but in a strictly non-Biblical sense.

Re: This afternoon's reading

Nah, it was _jamez_ that begat me.
Strangely me and Max came to LJ independantly.

And I was begat by akicif (don't know how to do the funky tags, someone tell me, or I may be forced to read some of the online manual <grin>) who I followed from Blogger/Blogspot.

And the subject line above? All those darn biblical people and their over sized headgear (Abraham big hat, Jacob big hat, David big hat, Joshua ...) why it was so important to keep a list of just those people with big hats we'll never know ...

lj user="username"

But in angled brackets.

*mutter* Oh yes I'm sure that's okay *mutter*


and it was hawkida who begat me, funnily enough...

Oh bugger.
I wish you'd told me this *before* I decided not to come to Damn Fine after all..
Can we induct someone else at Plokta?? Please?


Hey, if I'd known in advance that I was going to start a cult by accident I'd have warned you. Last I heard you were thinking of going to Damn Fine anyway.

Perhaps Anonymous Claire can lead a service at Plokta.con.

Or just have you and missfairchild battle it out for who gets to be High Priestess?

I do not have a name. You can call me missfairchild

Oh, bugger. No, obviously not cut out for this mysterious leader business.

Unlike green_amber, who is a mistress of disguise.

See! You can't recognise me now, right? (It's the purple hair. Fools them every time.)


Surely tamaranth is High Priestess. She Made Us All , after all. Though not in the biblical sense , Tony..


No, tamaranth is our Goddess (for reasons I'm not going to explain in this forum).

Though possibly not until Saturday morning. I've been stricken with a lurgy, following on from all of my family.

Argh, myself and mindygoth missed another thing at DFC, alas!

Yep, guess you did. You can, however, both sign up to the cult in retrospect if you're interested. Have a look at http://www.livejournal.com/users/anonymousclaire and see if you want to become members of the community.

added anonymousclaire as a friend and will proceed to lurk in my usual fashion...

That seems like an interest expressed to me... I'll add you to the list of people able to post. If you want to then go to your full update page with all the dropdowns on it, write an entry but choose the journal for it to be posted to as "Anonymousclaire" instead of your own. If you prefer to keep quiet that's fine, too.

thanks, it looks fascinating. I may even try to come out to some more cons...

I have pencilled it in the diary, but we have family over that weekend so will have to try to sneak out to Basinghole for a day membership...

Bring them along. Fun and frolicks for all the family. Or maybe not, eh?

It's an interesting proposition. I may have to ponder upon this and the potential implications to world peace...

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